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  • 酒店预订 Hotel Reservation


    Useful  Words     第1步  熟悉词汇

    inn    小旅店        reception   接待      reserve    预订

    book    预定         restaurant  饭店      tavern     小旅馆

    motel   汽车旅馆      vacant    空的       available   空闲的

    confirm  确认         suite     套间        position   位置

    Useful   Sentences       第2 步     牢记句型

    I need to look up some hotels . 我要查一下酒店。

    I’d like to book a double room for next Monday . 我想订一个双人房间,下周一住。

    How long will you stay with us ?您打算住多久?

    When do you check in ?请问您什么时候入住?

    What kind of room would you like ?您需要什么样的房间。

    I’m told your hotel is offering a discount now .我听说你们酒店正在打折。

    I’m sorry , but the hotel is full on that date . 很抱歉,那天我们酒店的客房已经住满了。

    1.       I need to look up some hotels . 我要查一下酒店。

    I should call a few hotels . 我应该打几个酒店的电话问问。

    I could look up some hotel rates . 我要查一下酒店的价格。

    2.       I’d like to book a double room for next Monday .


    I’d like to book a single room with bath from the afternoon of June 2 to the morning of June 4.我想订一个带洗澡间的单人房间,6月2日下午到6月4日上午住。

    3.       How long will you stay with us?您打算住多久?

    How long will you be staying ?您打算住多久?

    Is it just for tonight ?只住今晚吗?

    4.       May I know the arrival date , please ? 请问哪天入住?

    When do you check in ?请问您什么时候入住?

    check in 登记入住

    5.       What kind of room would you like ?您需要什么样的房间?

    Would you like a single room or a double room ?请问你想订单人间还是双人间?

    6.       What is the rate , please ?请问房费是多少?

    How much will that room be ? 那房间的价格如何?

    7.       I’m told your hotel is offering a discount now .我听说你们酒店正在打折。

    I heard that your hotel is offering a discount now . 我听说你们酒店正在打折。

    8.       Then do you have anything less expensive ?那你们还有其他便宜一点的吗?

    This is the least expensive suit we have at the moment . 到目前为止,这是最便宜的套房了。

    9.       I’m sorry ,but the hotel is full on that date ,很抱歉,那天我们酒店的客房已经住满了。

    I’m sorry , we don’t have any room available for that week .


    I’m sorry , but we’re fully booked for single rooms . Would you like to have a double one ?


    10.   You can have a room on Tuesday . 星期二您可以订到房间。

    We do have a vacancy for those dates .那段时间我们有空房。

    vacancy  n. 空位

    Useful  Conversations        第3步   模仿对话

    1.       预订一个双人间  Book a Double Room

    Mary : Hello , is this the Grand Hotel ?

    Abel : Yes , this is the Grand Hotel . This is Abel speaking . How may I serve you ?

    Mary : I’d like to book a double room for two nights starting from this Wednesday . Is there availability ?

    Abel : Yes , ma’am . We have a double open for those two nights . The cost will be $150 for those two nights together .

    Mary : Great ! Can I pay over the phone ?






    availability  n. 可得到的东西

    2.       大号床的单人间  A Single Room with a Queen Sized Bed

    Mary : I’m sorry I arrived a day late , is my room still available ?

    Abel : Unfortunately ma’am , because you arrived later than expected , your room has been given to someone else .

    Mary : Darn , are there any other double’s available from tonight until Saturday ?

    Abel : I’m sorry , but there won't be a double room open until next Monday . We do have , however , single room with a queen sized bed . Would that be suitable ?

    Mary : That is fine . I can accept that . How much is it for these three nights ?

    Able : It’s going to be a total of $175 for all three nights .

    Mary : Does it have a window facing the courtyard ? I find that a street-side room will cause me to lose sleep .

    Abel : Yes , we have that available , although it’ll be an extra $10 charge . Is that fine with you ?

    Mary :Yes , that’s fine .










    queen sized  大号的     courtyard  n.庭院

    Useful  Paragraph    第4步   诵读短篇

    When our family relationship , friendship , love and personal relationship became four cups different thick and subtle tea , at push a cup to change , always have absentminded hesitation :Which on earth cup that is supposed to be first degusted in the best taste time , which final cup ?Then the different person always have a different choice . Big customs under of the small customs is always not allowed , stick to a final twist , always wish to obtain an additional happiness .


    subtle  adj.  细微的      absent-minded   adj. 心不在焉的

    hesitation  n. 犹豫  v.品尝

    Cultural Background     第5步   了解文化

    酒店这一块儿是很需要注意的。首先,酒店的预订需要价比三家,同意级别的酒店价格相差是很大的。预订一个酒店之前,需要查看对于酒店的各种评论,尤其是差评,做到心里有数。另外是依据旅行路线,确保酒店的位置比较方便旅行。如果是一个人的旅行,就找一些打折的酒店,如果是两个人或者多个人旅行,大家可以一块儿平摊房费。Check in (入住)的时候,只需要告诉前台你的姓名就可以了,或者提供下你的预订确认码。Check out (结账)的时候确保是在中午12点前,不然酒店回将另一天的钱也算入账内。


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