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  • 结账退房 Checking Out


    Useful  Words      第1步  熟悉词汇

    charge   收费     bill 账单       tip    小费  

    check    支票     receipt  收据   checkout  结账离开

    penalty   罚金     payment  付款   invoice    发票

    signature   签字    change   零钱   deposit   押金

    account    账目     bellhop   旅馆行李员

    Useful  Sentences     第2 步  牢记句型

    What time is checkout ?什么时间结账退房?

    Will you charge me extra for checking out late ?


    I’m checking out of my room . 我在办理退费手续。

    May I have your room number , please ?请问您的房间号码?

    I think there’s a mistake in this bill . 我觉得账单出了错误。

    I’d like a receipt , please .请给我开张收据。

    I hope you had a nice stay here .希望你在这里住得愉快。

    1.       When do we have to be out of the room by ?我们应该什么时候退房?

    What time is checkout ?什么时间结账退房?

    When’s checkout ?什么时间结账退房?

    2.       Noon is your checkout time . 结账退房时间是中午。

    Please check out before noon .请在中午之前退房。

    Checkout time is at 12 a.m. 结账退房时间是中午12点。

    You need to check out by 12 o’clock a.m. 你需要在中午12点以前退房。

    check out 结账离开

    3.       Is there a penalty for late checkout ?退房时间晚了会收取罚金吗?

    Will you charge me extra for checking out late ?退房晚了,你们会额外收费吗?

    4.       If we check out late , will they charge us extra ?如果我们退房时间晚了,他们会向我们额外收费吗?

    I’m afraid you need to pay extra for checking out an hour late .


    5.       Half-day room rate will be charged if you check out after 12 o’clock noon . 如果您在中午12点以后退房将加收半天房费。

    Full-day room rate will be added if you check out after 6 o’clock .


    6.       I’m checking out of my room . 我在办理退费手续。

    I’d like to check out . 我想办理退费手续。

    I’m checking out today . 我今天办理退费手续。

    7.       I’d like to settle my bill . 我想结一下我的账单。

    Let me print out your bill . 我把您的账单打出来。

    Here is the bill . Please check it and sign here .这是账单,请核对后在这里签字。

    settle my bill 结账     print out  打印出

    8.       What’s your room number ?你的房间号是多少?

    May I have your room number ,please ?请问您的房间号码?

    9.       Did you remember to return your key ?你记得还钥匙了吗?

    Please remember to turn in your room key to the receptionist .


    turn in 归还

    10.   I think there’s a mistake in this bill . 我觉得账单上有个错误。

    You charged the wrong amount . 你算错费用了。

    11.   I’d like a receipt , please . 请给我开张收据。

    Here’s your change . Please check it .And here’s your receipt .


    12.   I hope you had an enjoyable stay . 希望你住的期间一切愉快。

    I hope you had a nice stay here. 希望你在这里住得愉快。

    We hope you enjoyed your stay with us .我们希望您在这里和我们一起度过的时光非常愉快。

    Useful  Conversations      第3步   模仿对话

    1.       检查房间   Check the Room

    Mary : Ready to get going ?

    John : Almost . I am checking around the apartment to see if we left anything .

    Mary : You’re so cautious .

    John : It is good idea to check under the bed and around the table and chairs to see if anything was left .

    Mary : Good night . I don't want to forget anything . Think we did ?

    John : Nope , we’ve got everything .







    Apartment   n. 房间,公寓     cautious   adj. 谨慎的,十分小心的

    2.       退房   Check Out

    Mary : Hi , we are from room 113 , and we are checking out today .

    Abel : Okay , ma’am . May I please have your room keys and receipt ?

    Mary : Of course , here they are .

    Abel : Did you use any of the amenities located in the refrigerator or the freezer ?

    Mary : No , we did not . We did order room service . But we paid for that upon delivery .

    Abel : I see , thank you for reminding me . Did you enjoy your stay ?

    Mary : Yes , we did . It was fantastic . In particular , the sights around the city were absolutely fabulous.

    Abel : I am glad to hear that . What is your opinion of our room service ?Do you think it was adequate ?

    Mary : Yes , it was fine . The food was of great quality as well .










    amenity  n. 便利设施    refrigerator  n. 冰箱      freezer  n. 冷冻箱

    fantastic  adj. 极好的     in particular   尤其,特别    absolutely  adv. 绝对地

    fabulous  adj. 极好的    adequate  adj. 适当的

    Useful  Paragraph       第4 步  诵读短篇

    A more successful person is more observant , thinks more and explores in depth . Chances exist in the daily details . For the same matter , a more successful person sees more and farther so that he can find out an opportunity and catch it to realize his aim . If a person sees one year ahead , while another sees only tomorrow . The difference between a year and a day is 365 times , how could you win ?


    observant  adj. 善于观察的   explore  v. 探索,探究

    Cultural Background    第5步  了解文化

    美国酒店结账,现在比较普遍的做法是刷预授权,即card authorization , 或card verification , 但部分人还是会习惯叫它imprint .刷过之后会冻结相应金额作为押金,但钱并没有划走。退费时,会在刷一次卡做预授权完成authorization complete , 把应付的费用从冻结的金额中扣除,余额解冻。部分美国酒店式通过上网来预订的,需要的只是你的信用卡号码。在办理入住手续时酒店回要求你出示信用卡,酒店进行确认有效即可。退房时用该卡进行结算。


    1.       酒店清洁工(House keeping), 每天早上出门前在床头柜上放上1美元或2美元。

    2.       酒店行李员(Bellboy)帮你提行李到房间,给2美元到10美元。寄存行李的时候不用给,去的时候大概一件行李给1美元。

    停车(Valet Parking)的餐馆和酒店有停车服务。就是你开到门口,把车钥匙给他们,他们给你一个小条子做记录然后帮你停车。取车时,他们按照条子把车给你开到门口,这时给3美元。如果你开的是保时捷,你可以在给他钥匙的时候给个5美元,保证他对你的车珍惜得不行。


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