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    Useful  Words    第1步   熟悉词汇

    learned   博学的      lecture   演讲        professor    教授

    motivate   激励        keynote   主旨      content     内容

    topic     主题        draft      草稿       meaningful   有意义的

    encourage   鼓舞       innovation  创新     goal       目的

    practical    实用的       intellectual  有才智的    demonstration  演示

    Useful  Sentences     第2 步   牢记句型

    How was today’s lecture ?今天的演讲怎么样?

    There is a lecture here today .今天这里有个讲座。

    Will you go to the lecture tomorrow ?明天的讲座你去吗?

    This kind of lecture is so boring .这类讲座很无聊。

    What was the lecture about ?讲座是关于什么的。

    He was invited to deliver a lecture to first-year students .他被邀请给一年级的学生做个讲座。

    1.  How was today’s lecture ?今天的讲座怎么样?

    How do you like the lecture ?你认为讲座怎么样?

    What did you think of the lecture in class today ?你觉得这节课的讲座怎么样?

    2.  There is a lecture here today . 今天这里有个讲座。

    Will you go to the lecture tomorrow ?明天的讲座你去吗?

    Would you like to go to a lecture with me ?你想不想和我一起去参加一个讲座?

    3.  Wow , this lecture has been going on for an hour .哇,这讲座都进行一个小时了。

    I don’t like these lecture . They just go on and on !


    go on and on 没完没了

    4.  This kind of lecture is so boring . 这类讲座很无聊。

    The lecture was so boring that I fell asleep . 这讲座太无聊了,我都睡着了。

    boring   adj. 乏味的,无聊的      fall asleep   入睡

    5.   I like the way this professor teaches . 我喜欢这个教授的讲课方式。

    I really like how he teaches . 我真的很喜欢他讲课。

    6.   What was the lecture about ?讲座是关于什么的?

    What lectures are there to be held this week ?这周有什么讲座啊?

    7.   She is a superb lecturer . 她讲得真好。

         There must be a lot of people going to listen to his lecture .


         Superb  adj. 极好的,高质量的

    8.   He was invited to deliver a lecture to first-year students .


        deliver   v.  发表

    9.   Did  you know that Prof . Brown is hosting a lecture this evening ?


    host a lecture    主持讲座

    Useful  Conversations        第3步   模仿对话

    1.       讲座很有趣    The Lecture Is Interesting

    Dara : What did you think of the lecture in class today ?

    Ryan : I found it very interesting , especially the part about the U.S. Civil War.

    Dara :I didn’t know you were interested in war history .

    Ryan : Yes , the professor’s presentations always grab my attention.





    Presentation    n. 报告,演讲      grab one’s attention  抓住某人的注意力

    2.       关于美国内战的讲座  Lecture on the U.S. Civil War

    Ryan    : Professor , I really enjoyed your lecture on the United States during the 19th century last week .

    Professor : Thank you , Ryan . Did anything interest you in particular ?

    Ryan    : Yes , the U.S. Civil War. I never really understood that the main cause of the war was the economy .

    Professor : Most people who haven’t studied or read about the war think it was about slavery alone.

    Ryan    : That’s what I thought too .

    Professor : Slavery was still the major issue , but the reason why the southern states did not want to abolish it is because it supported the economy .

    Ryan    : That reason makes a lot of sense .

    Professor : Right . Money is most often the cause of conflict .









    economy  n. 经济     slavery  n. 奴隶制       abolish    v. 废除 , 废止

    make a lot of sense  很有道理      conflict    冲突,战争

    Useful  Paragraph     第4步   诵读短篇

    Some may be wicked , and some may be despicable . Only when I put myself in their position did I know they are more miserable than I . So forgive all that you have met , no matter what kind of persons they are .


    wicked   adj.  恶劣的    despicable  adj.  可鄙的    miserable  adj. 痛苦的,悲惨的

    Cultural  Background      第5步   了解文化



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