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    Useful  Words       第1步  熟悉词汇

    inform  通知        document   文件          conference   会议

    conclusion  结论     discuss    讨论            cancel    取消

    absence    缺席     arrangement   安排        presenter    主持人

    participant   参加者    agreement   意见一致     counsel     建议

    consider    考虑      presentation  演示        agenda    议程

    Useful   Sentences      第2步     牢记句型

    If we’re all here , let’s get started .大家都到齐了的话,咱们就开始吧。

    I’d like to call the meeting to order .我宣布会议开始。

    Shall we get back to the main point ?我们言归正传吧?

    Mr chairman , may I have the floor ?主席先生,我可以发言吗?

    Are you for or against this proposal ?你是赞成还是反对这项提议?

    Are all the equipments ready ?所有的设备都准备好了吗?

    The meeting went well . 会议进展得很顺利。

    1.       If we’re all here , let’s get started . 大家都到齐了的话,咱们就开始吧。

    Since everyone’s here , shall we get started ?既然大家都到齐了,我们就开始吧?

    2.       I’d like to call the meeting to order .我宣布会议开始。

    The meeting is adjourned . 会议休会。

    The meeting is closed .会议到此结束。

    call the meeting to order .宣布会议开始    adjourn  v. 休会

    3.       It looks like it’s going to be a long meeting , doesn’t it ?看了会议要开很长时间了,是吧?

    This is gonna be a long one .看了要拖长时间了。

    4.       Let’s turn to the second issue 咱们转入到第二个问题。

    Shall we move on to the next item on the agenda ?我们接着进行议程的下一项好吗?

    Turn to 转向,转入    move on to 移入,进行

    5.       I’m afraid you are getting side track .恐怕你有点离题了。

    Shall we get back to the main point ?我们言归正传吧?

    Would you get to the point ?你能进入正题吗?

    get side track 离题,      get back to the main point 言归正传   

    get to the point 进入正题

    6.       Everyone has been notified through email . I’ve also reconfirmed the meeting agenda personally with each presenter .我已经发邮件通知了每个人,并且再次跟每个参加会议的人亲自确认了议程。

    I’d like to confirm the approval of the minutes without further changes .


    notify  v.  通告,通知     reconfirm    v. 再确认   minute  n. 会议记录

    7.       I’m sorry to cut you off .对不起打断一下。

    May I come in here ?我可以插句话吗?

    Mr. Chairman , may I have the floor ?主席先生,我可以发言吗?

    cut off  打断,中断       have the floor    有发言权

    8.       Are you for to against this proposal ?你是赞成还是反对这项提议?

    Has anyone got any objection to this regulation ?有谁反对这项规定持异议吗?

    Are we all agreed ?大家都同意吗?

    proposal  n. 提议    objection  n. 异议,反对

    9.       Are all the audio-visual aids ready ?所有的视听设备都准备好了吗?

    Are all the equipments ready ?所有的设备都准备好了吗?

    audio-visual aids 视听设备

    10.   Could we have your comment ?请你谈谈好吗?

    Could we have your report now ?请你现在汇报好吗?

    11.   I’m more than willing to meet you halfway .我愿意对你做出让步。

    We’re willing to strike a deal .我们愿意达成协议。

    We’d like to offer a compromise .我们愿意主动让步。

    meet halfway  让步,妥协      strike a deal  成交     compromise  让步

    12.   The meeting went well . 会议进展得很成功。

    The meeting was a success . 这次会议很成功。

    Useful  Conversations    第3步   模仿对话

    1.       这次会议不错  The Conference Is Great

    John     : Hi , I’m John . I work in accounting . How about you ?

    Josephine : I’m  Josephine . I work in marketing . It's nice to meet you .

    John     : These conferences are great for meeting other people in the company . I know we work in the great for meeting other people in the company . I know we work in the same building but we never have reason to see each other .

    Josephine : It’s true . I didn’t even realize how many people work here !

    约翰   :你好,我叫约翰。我在会计部工作。你呢?

    约瑟芬 :我叫约瑟芬。我在市场部工作。很高兴见到你。

    约翰   :这种会议真不错,能遇见公司里其他的职员。虽然我知道我们都在同一座大楼里工作,但却总是无缘相见。


    accounting  n. 会计      marketing  n. 市场,销售

    2.         组织年会     Organize  the Yearly Conference

    Josephine : Hi , I’m in charge of organizing the yearly conference for chiropractors this year. My coworker told me you organized it last year . Can you give me any advice ?

    Thomas  : Sure ! I’m happy to help . First , have you rented the venue for the event ?

    Josephine : Yes . We have a hotel conference room booked all week . We also are doing all of our catering through the hotel .

    Thomas  : That’s smart . Does the conference room have enough seating for all of the attendees ?

    Josephine : It should . There are 400 seats in the room and only 250 people have confirmed that they are coming .

    Thomas  : Okay , great . Have you tested all of the sound equipment to make sure it works ?

    Josephine : Oh , no , not yet . I will do that tomorrow .








    In charge of 负责     chiropractor   指压治疗者

    Venue   n. 场所,地点         catering  n. 提供饮食及服务

    Attendee   n. 出席者        sound equipment    音响设备

    Useful  Paragraph       第4步   诵读短篇

    Henceforth , I will remember the lesson of the firefly who gives of its light only when it is on the wing , only when it is in action . I will become a firefly and even in the day my glow will be seen in spite of the sun . Let others be as butterflies who preen their wings yet depend on the charity of a flower for life . I will be as the firefly and my light will brighten the world . I will act now .


    henceforth    adv. 从今以后     firefly  n.  萤火虫      in spite of   不顾,不管

    preen   v. 整理羽毛    charity   n. 施舍

    Cultural  Background     第5步 了解文化


    1.       首先要在首行写上被通知的对象,例如To : All Managers .

    2.       第二行开始言简意赅地写明事件。此处要记得遵守5W原则,也就是where , when , who . what . how .例如:The next Monthly Management Meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Monday , July 2 , at Meeting Room 301 . 下一次月例会将在7月2日周一上午9点在301会议室举行)如果通知内容是变更会议时间、地点、则可参照一下例文。The next Monthly Management Meeting ( previously scheduled on Monday next week ) has been rescheduled on Tuesday , July 5 , same time , same place .(下一次月例会(之前确定在下周一召开)被改在7月5日周二召开,时间、地点不变)

    3.       会议内容逐条列出,言简意赅。例如Following is the agenda for the meeting :1. Purchase of New Office Computers (谈论为办公室置备新电脑)2. Extension of Summer Holidays (谈论关于延期暑假休假)3. Budgetary Control 9谈论控制经费预算)

    4.       末段可以写上与会者需要做哪些准备工作。If there are any other items you would like to be placed on the agenda , let me know by e-mail by the end of this week .Thank you .(如果你想放进会议议程的项目,敬请在本周末前邮件告知我们。谢谢)

    若是没有更多内容,则可以写上looking for forward to your participation .(期待您的出席。)等结束语以表示礼貌。


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