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    useful phrases and words   词汇短语加油站

    A   Idioms    习语

    rack one’s brains  -- to make a big intellectual effort  绞尽脑汁

    what the heck  -- what the hell 表示强调

    be in the same boat  -- to suffer the same way as somebody else 面临同样的困境

    at least  -- at any rate , in any case 至少

    have a point  - to have a good idea 说得有道理

    silver lining  -- something positive that comes out of an unpleasant situation 一线希望

    tell me about it  -- I agree with you 我早就知道了!我也有同感!

    bite off more than you can chew – to agree to do more than you have time for  贪多嚼不烂

    rake in the money – to make a lot of money very fast 挣大把的钞票

    B  semi-fixed expressions  半固定表达

    don’t get me started on the  -- don’t ask me about that 别提了!

    you’re not the only one  -- you are not alone , me to . 不仅仅是你一个人

    work one’s ass off  -- to work very hard 非常努力地工作

    C   word partnerships  词语搭配

    straightforward enough  -- pretty easy to understand 简单易懂

    the main problem – the biggest obstacle  最大的问题

    figure out – to work out  理解;弄清

    moan about  -- to complain about 为……而抱怨

    poor muggings – poor me 鄙人;我这笨蛋

    work experience  -- previous jobs 工作经验

    agony aunt  -- a personal counselor who gives you advice 知心大姐;答读者问的专栏作家

    have to dash  -- to be in a hurry and have to leave immediately 要赶紧走

    duty calls  -- you must do something that cannot be avoided 该去工作了

    barely started  -- hardly started 几乎还没开始

    good luck  -- best of luck  祝你好运

    tough luck – hard cheese 不走运

    a matter of perspective  -- a matter of how you look at things 看待问题角度的问题

    a pretty face – good looks 漂亮的脸蛋

    Dialogue  1  track 01    说老师坏话

    Sue  : How ‘s it going with your classes ?            你的课上得怎么样?

    Li Xue : Don't get me started on that !               别提了!

    Sue  : What's wrong ? Is the course too difficult for my “little genius “?     怎么了?是不是课程太难了,我的“天才”?

    Li Xue: No . The textbooks and material we get are  straightforward enough . However , the main  problem is that two of my teachers speak too quickly . Most of the time , I have to rack my brains trying to figure out what the heck they’re on about!那倒不是。我们的课本和阅读材料都挺好懂的。问题在于有两个老师说话太快了。大部分时间我都在绞尽脑汁地猜他们到底在说什么!

    Sue  : Well , You’re not the only one who moaning about that .I reckon you and I are in the same boat ! 你不是唯一一个抱怨的人,咱们两是同病相怜啊!

    Li Xue : Well , with that scholarship , at least you don’t have to work your ass off to make some cash as poor muggings here does .  但起码你有奖学金。可伶的我还得一天到晚的工作赚钱。

    Sue  :But you’re getting some work experience now which will help you get a job in the future .       但是你现在可以获得工作经验,这将来就业很有帮助呢。

    Li Xue :Well , you do have a point I guess . You know ,  you do have a knack for finding the silver lining and talking to you is always comforting . You should be a professional agony aunt .    你说得也有道理。你总是能在黑暗之中看到希望,每次跟你聊都让我舒坦很多。你真应该去当职业知心大姐。

    Sue  : Tell me about it ! Many people have suggested  that . I will consider it seriously when my workload is much less . I don’t want to bit off more than I can chew.  就是啊!许多人都这样建议。等我的工作量少一些时,我会认真考虑这个主意的。现在我可不想贪多嚼不烂。                  

    Li Xue :Smart gal , you are ! Sorry . Have to dash . Duty calls .  My teacher handed out a long reading list yesterday for us to go through and I’ve barely started it . 你真是聪明人啊!不好意思,我得赶紧走了,还有功课要做。昨天老师布置了一堆东西让我们读,我还没开始呢。

    Sue  : Good luck with that and I’m sorry I can’t help you  here .    祝你好运,抱歉我帮不上忙了。

    Li Xue : I wish my teacher would speak English more like you do , seriously .  我真希望我们老师的英语说得跟你一样慢。

    Sue  : Tough luck . I wish I was a teacher , then I can rake  in the money . But anyway off you go and try to be  positive. It’s all a matter of perspective .   认倒霉吧。我也希望我是老师,好挣大把大把的钞票,不管怎么说,你快走吧。凡事往好处想,态度决定一切。

    Li Xue : Since when have you become so philosophical ?      你啥时候开始变得这么豁达了?

    Sue  : Well , It just goes to show that I have more depth  than you thought . I’m not just a pretty face ,  you know !    哈,这说明真人不露相。我可不是只有一张漂亮的脸蛋哟。

    Vocabulary notepad   迷你生词本

    genius  n.  – a very intelligent person  天才

    straightforward    adj.   – plain and simple   简单易懂的

    uni    n. --- university  大学

    knack   n. – gift ,  ability , talent 才能

    philosophical  adj.   --  meeting trouble with level-headed detachment 达观的

    depth   n.   --  complexity of thought  深奥,深刻


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